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Assetto Corsa New Car & Track Ford Puma Rally1 - WRC Finland 🇫🇮

Actualizado: 23 ago 2022

(English Version)

Today we have a couple of news for Assetto Corsa, first the Ford Puma Rally1 of the WRC. According to a section of the Finland Rally of the WRC made by GabenHood, it is a conversion of the Dirt Rally video game.

(Versión Española)

Hoy tenemos un par de novedades para Assetto Corsa, primero el Ford Puma Rally1 del WRC. Segundo un tramo del Finland Rally del WRC realizado por GabenHood, se trata de una conversión del videojuego Dirt Rally.

(Version Française)

Aujourd'hui, nous avons quelques nouvelles pour Assetto Corsa, d'abord le Ford Puma Rally1 du WRC. Selon une section du Finland Rally du WRC réalisée par GabenHood, il s'agit d'une conversion du jeu vidéo Dirt Rally.

(Versione Italiana)

Oggi abbiamo un paio di novità per Assetto Corsa, prima la Ford Puma Rally1 del WRC. Secondo una sezione del Finland Rally del WRC realizzata da GabenHood, si tratta di una conversione del videogioco Dirt Rally.

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Download link for car doesn't work. Cheers.

Guille92 h
Guille92 h
Jan 01, 2023
Replying to

The car download is in this video

I think that's the car, but anyway that pack has 3 WRC rally1 cars on it

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