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On board Petr Trnka (Norma M20FC) 🇨🇿 – Limanowa 2021 🇵🇱

On board camera of the young and fast Czech driver Petr Trnka with his Norma M20FC. He finished third in Limanowa after the italians Christian Merli and Simone Faggioli.

Cámara on board del joven y rápido piloto checo Petr Trnka con su Norma M20FC. Acabando en tercera posición en Limanowa tras los italianos Christian Merli y Simone Faggioli.

On board  camera del giovane e veloce pilota ceco Petr Trnka con la sua Norma M20FC. In terza posizione a Limanowa dopo gli italiani Christian Merli e Simone Faggioli.

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